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Found a download link so i decided to record this on my channel, it is the first link in the description.

awsome game. 

How Do I download?

You can't, he removed it ;(


Imagine working on this game for so long only to leave it. F

This was a fantastic remake of the original PT and gave me a chance to experience the absolute terror that I missed all those years ago. You guys rock and i'm looking forward to seeing your future work!


there's no download link, the game has been taken down, to anyone wondering. it says it in the announcement at the top of the page


how do i play this?



por favooooor quiero jugarlo donde encuentro un enlace de descarga


Where do you find the download link?

Absolutely amazing! As a person who never played P.T. when it was on PS4, this was an awesome experience to make up for it. Thank you dev! It's a shame you took the download link down, and also a shame that the real game was cancelled. Sadness all around. But either way…

Great work!

How do you download this on VR?

Does it work with the oculus quest?

no. you need a pc. if your pc is good enough, you can use an oculus link cable, but you still need a VR ready PC.

Gave it a try, though unsure if with Index controllers, if I could stab the picture in the frame or not, will have to try again because I was guessing the game might have been incomplete and forgot about its status, talked about on the store page. Will have to see if I can stab the picture and follow the guide next time

came here from a GVMERS video. Sadly disappointed. Ah well, good work for what it was yo.


please add (CANCELLED) to the title or something because its sad when the realistion hits after getting my hopes up to play this

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Why bother keeping this up on the store? It's just pointlessly sitting here.


how do i download?


This is still the best remake of P.T. out there! I just wish you would've finished it :(

Just streamed this with my gf and i can't sleep brother. thank you but f you lol all love thoo. watch me scream til my heart explodes lol

It's canceled because of copy right.

No it's not-


please leave the download link, i cant find it anywere else and a link i found on reddit doesnt work

it was taken down, some people around the net has it downloaded. look around and you will find it(found it on reddit,in someones google drive)


Anyone know if there is a download link?


Downloadlink please?


how to download this game?


Why was the game taken down?

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Here`s a quote of the developer from his last announcement:

"I've got school starting up again soon. With the work-load that'll give me, as well as another project I'd like to start working on, I'll have a lot of other stuff to keep me occupied. With that said, I'll be officially taking down Unreal PT next week. This has blown up far more than I expected, but now that it's finished, I would like to move on and start work on something original."

Hope that helped


Is there a safe way to download this? All the links I've clicked were 'not secure' and I'm not about to get a virus

Any luck?


Where do i go to download?




Not to bad :)


Thank you. I have oculus rift. I wish trying non vr version but i dont know how to


You sir.. scared the shit out of us :D Thank you.


comment télécharger ?

bro come on you canceled it you were doing so damn well with the development!


He didn't WANT to cancel it, and you can still download it :) if you look for Unreal PT 1.0.7

i did look on how to dm you, however I can't find it. Would there be a way I can get a download link of some kind? I did also search around for it as well.

I'll send you a message

I was able to find it actually. Does it have xbox one controller support?

I don't know..  :) but glad you found it.. possibly? depends on the dev and the engine


Also if you like this, a  game on steam I recently discovered feels very much like this.. visage.. 

bro damn just looked up that game and holy crap i want it XD

That is a fun game for sure. Can't wait for the next chapter

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o_O I Never finished the ps4 pt... perhaps this is my chance for redemption ?!?!?! I really hate that ugly looking woman and that deformed fetus actually. very difficult to move on like this. edit: how embarassing it was taken down, well at least i have an excuse not to play it then.

I'll bet if you google "unreal pt 1.0.7" you'll have some luck .. I mean.. so I've heard.. 

Fun experience!

You could also PM me :)


I'm not a console gamer so I never got to experience this, this was fantastic! i wasn't able to complete it though because it crashed when I was in the section where you're hunting for pieces of the portrait.. a big read screen full of text popped up with foreign language mixed with english sentences.. it was weird.. the process stopped responding and I had to kill it.

Nevertheless.. this was great :) I've seen videos of people playing and this genuinely seems like a faithful adaptation, almost looks like it is a direct port of the original.

actually those scripted sequences are not an engine bug, but are REALLY part of the game, the original devs put it in to actually look like a bug but it isnt, see here for more details in the gallery you can see the yellow error message along other ones.

Wow, well I don't know if it was just a crazy coincidence but the process was no longer responding according to task manager so I killed it .. now I wish I had just stood by :) maybe it's the way it was implemented? or perhaps I just had a crash at precisely that time.. 

Either way, this is some high quality work you've got going :) I'd love to see you take this style and apply it to something else where you can proceed further.. it was a fun experience.

nono, thats not my game, all im saying is when i played pt in the ps4, when these errors got going, the game would "hard reset" for real, the videogame would hang up just like it did for you in the pc, and you had to restart the whole thing... pretty creepy shenanigan man. I guess thats one of the things that contributed to it being taken down from the psn store, the dissolution of the whole silent hill team with p.t. being its last made game, and now here of all things its also getting either flagged or taken down .


Ahh yes I should have noticed that you weren't the author.. but yeah that  caught me off guard..

By the way, I discovered a game today because someone suggested that it is the natural successor to PT, or what PT could have been .. I don't know if it's available for PS4  .. but it's on Steam as "Visage" .. it REALLY feels like PT .. it starts off in a house, it's not looping or anything but the home looks similar and the graphic style is the same.. there is a table in a hallway with a radio that's playing.. portraits.. it's a pretty creepy game.

I know it's been out for a while now but it's the first I've played it ..  I couldn't pass it up, it's early access at $24 and some of the top gamers on youtube have made it a recurring series to play..  I'm quite impressed by it

DO NOT BUY THAT !! HERE'S WHY: 1- It's early access. All you got at the moment is ONE single chapter. 2- You need a dedicated DX 11 graphics card... Altough you can play with intel integrated graphics card or an older dx 10 car AT LEAST, it looks ABSOLUTELY dark and navigation is very hard in these circunstances. And also, I played it for some minutes, it isn't all that big a deal for what it has to offer. You're better off playing anything but this.

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Hi, Great recreation/Gran recreación.


It`s really sad that you we're forced to take it down, but as mentioned in the comments, the internet still has it! ;)

So first of all thanks for letting me have the experience!
Was it just me rushing or did you cut the part when Lisa kills the player?
You did an incredible work on rebuilding everything exactely how it is.
I once tried to rebuilt P.t. in Unity but that was my first game prject.
what I am trying to say is that I have heavily studied all the scripting why it was a breeze for me to walk through the game.
Only the little but very well thought out changes of the puzzles got me a little of. But the changes are very well designed, almost intuitive.^^
Everythings perfect! 
However you could have spent some more time on the character animations, especially when the player wakes up or picks up the flashlight.
The postprocessing is a little bit over the top. And you could have saved some performance by using prebaked reflectionprobes, that get exchanged in the shader while only using SSR for Lisa.
Non the less the visuals are incredible! :O 

Once again thank you so much!!!!


Amazing remake! Thank you! 



can u pls post it one more time for ppl like us can enjoy the demo as well?


Can you give me the link please? I have never played this game because it was canceled and again the same thing happened to me, please I want to play this game :(.

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