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it isn't letting me play it for some reason every time I try and start it, it just gives me an error

Hopefully it downloads. I've been getting a forbidden error. I have created an account. Again, hopefully It downloads.   


As somebody who's never played the original game since I lack a PS4, this fangame is likely just going to be exactly like the original, if not even more better than it. I have to express my gratitude in how accurate this remake is and how much effort you put into this. It's that good.


I have no words to describe how amazing and perfect this demo is, congratulations! One question, can you limit the fps? Nvidia control does not work

Open the console with the ~ key and type in t.MaxFPS 30 (or whatever you want the framerate limit to be)


do you know if this will work on a ps4?


I literally made an account to comment how stupid of a question that is.
It's a Windows Executable silly!!!!!

OMG this looks so good! I have never got a chance to experience the original but you really nail it!  I need some subtitle tho.  Hope you will add it soon! Thank you so much!

Outstanding! This was great, really felt like I was playing PT all over again.  Thanks for all your hard work!

YESSSSSSSSSSS!!! I loved it! I need help finding the other picture pieces though  -__-

Thank you for your work! This game has become a legend and I can finally share it with my girlfriend -- she loves horror and only started playing games when we met! 

When I launch the game, it opens up Oculus and doesn't let me do anything else. When I close Oculus, it closes the game. I just want to play it on flatscreen. How do I do that?

I made the game automatically start in vr if a headset is connected. Didn't realize it was a hassle to disconnect them, that's what you have to do to play it normally though 

I was able to start it by opening Task Manager, going to Services, going to OVRService, right clicking and Stopping it.

To play any VR games afterwards, you'll have to go back there and Start it.

Great job man, this is incredible.  I'm so stoked I can play PT again!  Excellent work


How do you pick up the picture pieces in this version? I tried zooming in on it from the first loop, but nothing happens. Other than that, great job on recreating the tense atmosphere!

Press X if using the keyboard. The Gouge Button. You'll see a little red flash. 

Do you know what the button would be when using the xb360 pad? Thanks for the heads up on how pieces are picked up nonetheless

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I can't get the picture in the options menu. Other than that, thank you for making everyone's dreams come true.

Edit: Never mind, I read the guide.

He moved that piece somewhere else. Couldn't tell you where though haha. But there's a guide in the files. 

I keep getting this error when I run it..any idea how to fix it???


extract the files

Yep, extract those files somewhere else. You can extract to the desktop if you want. Make sure Windows is up to date (Service Packs etc.) and run that baby as admin if you still get this error.

I first completed it in non VR-  Absolutely amazing! Looks and works near perfect from beginning to end! 

Then I tried VR-  Works really well and I almost completed it, but I as soon as I make it to the part where I wake up a second time in the beginning room (where there is a bloody bag on the table that talks to you if you look at it), I cannot walk or move anything but my head (It's like my feet are stuck in place). I tried the walking using my touch controllers, an XBOX One controller, and the keyboard, but nothing allows me to progress past that point and I then have to quit the game.  Anyone else experience this playing it in VR?


any chance for a mac version?

Please dont remove the VR Support ;)


im trying to dl it to ps4. Any ideas?


That's not possible. At least currently the game is only built for windows according to the download page.

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Upon completion of the download and unzipping the file I get an error stating the application could not be opened. I have tried redownloading to get the same error. Any ideas?

**Nevermind i’ve fixed it. So happy to finally play this 😁**

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I keep getting this ?? how did u fix it??

How did you fix it?

Need help with this one below? What caused this crash? Thanks.

Can't say for sure, but it looks like your computer might just be too weak to run it

I'd say, drop your resolution scale and see if that helps. Maybe make sure your graphics card/drivers are at their most up to date. Make sure DirectX is up to date as well.  If push comes  to shove you can try setting a higher CPU priority for the game by doing the following:
Open task manager. Right click on Unreal PT > click Go to Details. Inside the details tab you should see two PT_2.exe processes.
You can try setting both of those to high priority by right clicking them and hovering over, "Set Priority". Choose high for both.

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Hey there!

I keep getting the error:

Couldn't start:

"E:\PT\Unreal PT\PT_2/Binaries/Win64/PT_2.exe" PT_2 Create Process() returned 2.

Any idea how to fix it?

EDIT: Sorry, apparently my comment got triple posted or so. Deleted the other comments

Anyone any idea?

Thanks for giving me the opertunity to play this p.t demo

Please do not remove VR support, even if you receive a few complaints of nausea.. You could just add a warning on startup in VR. I have not experienced any nausea and generally speaking nausea can happen to any person in VR especially if they are prone to it/don't have their VR legs.


It's not about nausea, the VR support is broken. It's not displaying correctly, and since it forces VR on systems that have it, it's essentially rendering the game unplayable for those of us with VR. I don't get nausea either, but the game is not working right in VR.

Awe crap. I'm actually pretty good at working in UE4 and have a lot of experience with the VR system from making my own personal-learning project Fallout 3 Unreal (I ported the entire game over to UE4) so I am always willing to lend a hand if need be.

Man you did an amazing job! But for the part where you look through the cracked open bathroom door. I'm pretty sure Lisa is suppose to reach for the handle and close it. Just a little extra touch of creepiness!


She is. I didn't work on most of the animations until just the last week and I didn't have time to add that one in.


Cool! Well done on the animations by the way! Hope you're able to add that animation in the future. 👍🏻

Oh and I'm not sure if I heard the baby crying at that part, but I think you are supposed to? I could be wrong though hah. Gonna force some friends to play this after work today lol. 

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VR support on Oculus is broken. There's a fisheye distortion, resulting in a view that feels wildly out of scale, shallow, and wrong. It appears everyone is having this issue. My guess is that the distortion that is applied to the image in the headset display to correct for the lenses is off or set to the wrong value.

I do not experience VR motion sickness in general, nor do I here, but this isn't about sickness, it's displaying incorrectly. I imagine for those susceptible to sickness it would be hell, but it isn't for the usual reasons.

I agree with you, the fisheye distortion is a real problem. It looks like the whole room is in a angle going up all the time. I think it will be a quick fix for someone with some experience at unreal VR development. I would LOVE (even pay money) for a decent P.T. VR version!

I don't know if you will see this, but for the millionth time, good job! <3

VR implementation is not the best, but I did get a good jump scare here at work. I walked out of my body and looked back to get creeped the hell out by Normal Reedus, lol. Thanks for the demo!

Wouldn't it be possible to make it launch without VR using some kind of command line parameter or something? It is really a looaaad of effort to plug out my shit every time I want to show this to someone without the VR :D

Muy buen juego! animate si tenes agallas! 

I cannot play the game, when I launch it it crashes with the error saying Fatal Error: File:D:Build\++UE4+Release-4.19+Compile\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHIQuerry.cpp][Line: 111] GPU has crashed. Solutions?


This seems to be an Unreal engine runtime thing. I may be wrong about this but I think the Unreal engine he's used to make this requires the latest DirectX updates. I'd make sure your graphics cards/drivers are at their most up to date and manually update DirectX if you have to. Many packaged games do this for you, they update your C++ libs and DirectX libs as part of their install process. You may need to do this manually.


Please do not remove VR support because of nausea complaints. This is simply a fact of any VR and even any flat first-person 3D game, some minority of users will be nauseated at least at first. We have collectively forgotten this to have ever been the case with flat games, but it was and is - there is no absolutely perfect fix for motion sickness. Modern VR tracking and design principles (eg. minimizing non-user-directed acceleration changes) is however a 99.5% fix, please don't kill the whole mode for the sake of the 0.5%.

what eugd says. People who feel nauseous can still choose to play the flatscreen version. Why limit the unaffected? especially since VR users are a niche demographic who's bound to be tech-savvy enough and also aware of the possibility of experiencing nausea at some VR experiences. It's not like having the option to play in VR is exposing people to that risk who are unaware of it.


Because have you guys tried it yet? Its not playable. The views are distorted and the aspects are wrong. Its not the typical "i get nausea from VR thing. Man I wish we could fix that. 

This is absolutely amazing! I would definitely like to see (and eventually buy) a whole game made by you in this style.

Thank you so much for that masterpiece!

this is an amazing job man!


Unplayable in VR (Oculus). Massive fisheye effect (FOV is very wrong and strangely zoomed). After a few minutes, I got sick.The avatar would also have to be turned off for VR, I was very terrified when he suddenly stood next to me. Absolute nogo in VR! Otherwise in 2d wonderfully converted, good work!

Yes. This isn't the standard "I get sick in VR" thing. This is all distorted and warped. Thanks for making game though!

Amazing job

You my friend, are doing the lord's work

How dare you. I only made it around one corner before I had to bail.

Where is the fourth torn photo?

Is there any to get the last picture scrap from the options menu? i'm looking right at it, but I can't collect it with the mouse or the controller. I've tried holding the zoom button on both for several minutes now.

Last piece isn't in the menu. Check the guide if you get stuck


downloading it now to make sure I can hold onto it when the inevitable happens.

Same, lol. People need to start archiving the really good PT remakes such as this one to make sure it is never lost.


Remember to upload this onto a private mirror, because Konami will eventually find out about this game and will take it down, just a reminder.

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