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Amazing remake! Thank you! 



can u pls post it one more time for ppl like us can enjoy the demo as well?

Can you give me the link please? I have never played this game because it was canceled and again the same thing happened to me, please I want to play this game :(.



[PSA] You can still find this if you search around for download mirrors.  Make sure its ver 1.0.7
Can't provide any links, or they'd get taken down fast (I would assume).


why have you canceled this? pls bring it back :(


Can anyone send the files on Google Drive or something?  I was really looking forward to playing this.

good job

We can no longer download it?

Good job

I downloaded this game a while back and only remembered about it a few weeks later.  And I gotta say that it’s amazing how well done and close to the original this is.  I wasn’t able to play the original Playable Teaser and only watched some gameplay videos of it but this was just as scary from what I can tell.

Queria bajarlo, muchas gracias 


how to download?


it has some imperfections (very minor Missing contents) although this one is the closest you'll get to the real experience on the ps4 + here you get Better visuals due to not being limited in terms of console hardware and the optional VR. Also I wanted to give my condolences for the Dev's removal of the game and cancellation of further updates and wish him and thank him for giving the game one last stable update.

how do you adjust sensitivity 


How do you get the game?

there are some Reddit threads with some mega downloads attached just look up unreal pt Reddit and there are a few threads with midiafire or mega downloads


where can I dpownl;oad


how do i play this sorry for the question im new to this site

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Wow just Wow Radius Gordello has made a very amazing remake.You guys can  checkout the full gameplay of this amazing unreal PT. The video is no commentary but it contains the full walkthrough. Please like the video

Feel free to put it back up

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Awesome graphics Dev. Enjoyed the game when it came out the first time and enjoyed even more now! Thanks guys. Here's a no commentary walkthrough if you guys want to see it.  And if you do end up watching it then please support my small channel by liking and subbing to it. Will mean the world to me. Thanks!


For those who came here to download PT, here's the latest update from the Dev: "I've got school starting up again soon. With the work-load that'll give me, as well as another project I'd like to start working on, I'll have a lot of other stuff to keep me occupied. With that said, I'll be officially taking down Unreal PT next week. This has blown up far more than I expected, but now that it's finished, I would like to move on and start work on something original."

Damn... From one dev to another... My sincere Condolences



rip Silent Hills


i was so excited to finally play this game and it got taken down, now i am sad because i will never get a chance to play :( :( :(

Same dude. SAME!!!!

Me too!  I JUST saw the video, and I get here and IT'S TAKEN DOWN!!!

For God's I have to go through this again XD

OMG seriously :( i was so excited, so unfair

there are mirror downloads you can find 


so the takedown wasnt because of konami?

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i`ve seen at least four different attempts to recreate PT and they all ended up like this one so it must be konami. Man, this company is worse then hitler lately

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Thanks. this game is wonderful


We are sad to see it go. We enjoyed it very much.

Thank you!

Here is a short video we made while playing:


Un juego simplemente maravilloso. solo que intente ponerlo en el vr y con el oculus rift y no pude configurando, no se veía y cuando se logro ver en el casco mi sofware para grabar no recibía imagen. por lo tanto hice el gameplay normal sin el vr. Y que bueno. en realidad me asusto mucho y con el casco no creo podría haber avanzado hasta donde llegue jugando en la pantalla. espero mas partes del juego

Hola que tal! muy bueno tu video! la verdad ese juego asusta que jode! lo malo que tuve la mala suerte de llegar tarde para obtenerlo ya que quitaron los link de descarga :( te agredeceria muchisimo si es que pudieras pasarme algun link o drive para poder descargarlo y disfrutarlo! sigue adelante con los videos un abrazo... 

la demo en ps4 no está disponible. Como sw hace para jugarlo en ps4

pasate a mi canal ahi esta el archivo

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