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thank you

Thanx for this Great Port!

A little Feedback on VR Mode: the Player can activate or find things only if he stand in a certain Spot within the roomscale playarea. I only was able to finish the Game after i Placed my Self were i saw that red glowing dot in the Mirror. At first i was irritated.

In the Vive the Game is very dark. For the Rift it s good a brightness Level.

I wasn t able to trigger Lisa to attack me in VR (but i guess thats intendet).

Yeah, unfortunately I had to disable the kill animation for VR because it completely screwed up the animation and camera position for the rest of the game. Again, I don't have a VR headset, so I wasn't able to test any of the VR portion myself, had to rely on what someone else told me to do everything for that, but I think the new update makes VR much more playable

I'm also an indie VR developer, and I highly recommend applying for the Oculus Start Dev program or reaching out to HTC about a Vive. Especially with this as a demo, I would think they'd send you a headset pretty quickly, so you could test and develop future projects. Good luck and great work! I look forward to whatever you decide to make next. Cheers!

is this compatible with the HTC VIVE? if so how do i start it with the vive??

If you start the game with a VR headset connected you should get a screen asking whether to start in VR mode and whether to use motion controllers

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Please uncle  Gordello

fix some bugs  i hear that you are busy right now but if you chose 

1. please add Lisa shadow when we are walking like we are Lisa or she is behind us 

2 Add Lisa's face when bathroom door pre opens and we look inside the gap

3. Voice line of the plastic bag seems a bit off

4. And please add cockroaches and waking up up animation

Otherwise it's a grate and most accurate P.T Recreation I've seen so far

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Yes! Please add these! Having Lisa appear in the door crack the first time sets the mood for the rest of P.T. I think it's the biggest thing missing right now. I hope you decide to do an update with all these notes in mind. We bow our heads to you, all mighty and humble Gordello.

P.S. I would totally donate money to see all these changes put in.

Thank you for adding vr support. Hope the weird depth issue in vr got fixed fingers crossed

are you using htc vive?

Great job on this! Looks like a lot of work to make this come together. Never got to play the original and only watched some of it, so it was great to get a chance to play it. Could not quite get through to the end unfortunately.

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There seems to be a glitch for when the game loads up and I spawn in the floor. Reinstalling to see if this is fixed. I cannot look up or down when this glitch happens. EDIT: reinstalling the game doesn't seem to do anything. If I proceed anyway I still stay half way into the floor for some reason. My specs are more than fine for this game btw.


Is this happening in vr? Or do you have a vr headset connected?

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Thank you so much for this!!!!!. i am really happy i can play pt. i hope you can do updates with more details like cockroaches and the ending :) and subtitles :D for the voices o the radio and the fetus talking.

PT is back with a vengeance!!. Thank you so much for spending the time and energy on this. I missed out on the original, and now I feel as if I didn't miss out on anything. I couldn't get the final puzzle to trigger. Overall I really enjoyed this and can't wait to see what you come out with next. This was so amazing I don't even think I can give enough praise.

GREAT JOB! This remake is fantastic. And this game is still sooooo creepy. But I beat it! 

Holy hell this creeps me out in VR .  I'm in the middle of playing it and had to take a break.  I'm at the part where the lights go out at the end of the hallway and I'm too scared to walk over there lol.


Amazing work on this remake of the horror classic P.T. I never got to play the original so it was fun to finally experience it through this remake. Didn't scare me one bit though ... Except it totally did, gosh darn it.

I never got to play the original for myself, this one gave me the same fear and dread I saw other have back in 2014!

This was the best remake of PT by far! Very well done! Honestly i think you should take it even further :D I've left my video below you can even tell by my face how much i loved it haha :P

This game is brilliant, and it's really impressive how well the developer has done compared to the original!

If you wanna check out game play before downloading, you can so here:

God dayum

Just posted my playthrough of this masterpiece of a remake! I have to say, you really put some hard work into this and I appreciate that a ton! 

This is pretty awesome. If you're at all interested in a Mac version, I'd be happy to build and test a Mac build for you. 


Awesome great remake and it was just so nice to play it again great work

God I miss this game. Lost my Ps4 and hate that this will never be made. Sony should buyout Silent Hills or find a way to make this game without Konami crying out.

Великолепная интерпретация PT!!! Спасибо разработчикам! 

Great Remake but the Fetus in the sink didn't wanna eat my chocolate bar XD was terrified the whole time 

There any way to force this to use another monitor?  For whatever reason, it keeps trying to use Monitor 1, which is on the left and not a monitor I use for gaming, ever.  I want to force it to Monitor 2, on the right.

What config file do I need to change to adjust this behavior?

You could possibly set monitor 2 as the primary monitor. If I remember correctly it can do things like resort your desktop icons though. So if you have those arranged a certain way it could be annoying.

#2 is my primary monitor.  

I did figure out a way - alt+tab, then windows+arrow forced it in to a windowed environment I could interact with, and that could be moved to the correct monitor.

Ack, should have thought of that, I've actually done that in the past :)

Amazing! Thanks for this. Played the original at a friends but didn't get a PS4 until the game had been pulled from the store. Unfortunately the VR mode made me feel instantly sick but was great to play on a normal screen anyway.  Think I might have to get a few mates to play this just to see their reactions.


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This is amazing!, great work on the atmosphere and graphics!
I just wish there is any way of minimizing the screen size, I have an HD 5450 2GB and I am having trouble running the game so I have to stick with 35% screen resolution to get 20-25 fps, I have no problem with low fps but I just wish there is a way to make the screen smaller, or remove anti-aliasing so that its less blurry, But I already completed the game!
I am not complaining though, the graphics look amazing

Just a quickie, is this bugged because I can’t get past the second loop. I’ve played and completed this several times on my PS4 so I know how to do this pretty easily. The 2nd loop requires you to walk back to the front door then progress through the open door. For me it’s just staying shut no matter what I do. Anyone else have the same problem?

There's an instruction on the floor as you walk through the first door. I got stuck on it too. 

I managed to do it, what i did is walk to the door you progress through and its locked so i turned back and ignored the bathroom door. Went to the start and then it was open, just try that walk straight back and forward and it should open. But im wondering now how do you collect the final photo piece? Because I get them all but then the last one you do in the menu doesn't work for me. Has this not been patched for that yet?

This game is just like the original, like crazy identical! Very terrifying and creepy! I would definitely recommend anyone to play!


Very close to the original! By far the best of these clones that I've seen. Great work! The only things I noticed missing were the waking up animation/bugs in the bag room and the walls in the corner of the bag room being covered in hash marks.

Wow! This is the best PT remake I've ever seen. Thank you!!!

Greetings from RU ✌️



Loved the game, thank you so much for making this, you really don't know how long I've been waiting to get another shot at this. I did have some things go kinda.....wrong tho. Figured I would leave a comment to let you know. 

I didn't have the first hallway encounter where Lisa is standing under the lamp, the lamp was just off and the door open.

In the balcony encounter Lisa was standing waaaaaay back so it was hard to see her, where in the original she was right up against the railing.

Lisa didn't appear in the mirror, but the loop progressed like she had.

I didn't get the bathroom door scare, it just sort of closed without her showing up.

I didn't get the "look behind you" dialogue on the radio, although this could just be me moving too quickly.

I didn't get the window encounter.

Beyond that, she never rushed at me like she did in the original.

I did find all the pieces of the picture in one loop, if that affects anything. But through the whole thing I didn't get attacked at all save for the one time I did intentionally to see the animation (great work there.)

Just thought I'd let you know how my experience was, and that I really appreciate all the work you went through to give us another chance at this classic. 

Thanks again!

This is amazing! You're a genius! Thank you so much again! :D

Played it all the way through this time!

Just wanted to write and say Thank You so much for your hard work.
I do not own a PS4 and never got a chance to play PT. Unreal PT has made my gaming heart jump for joy.  It really is a fantastic piece of art and you have done a wonderful job recreating exactly what I thought the game would be.

Thanks, again.

Can anybody show us how to download the game please. I downloaded it but it doesn't work.

How to turn on Vsync? With Nvidia Panel don't work

Anyone here getting this?

I'm not able to extract PT_2-WindowsNoEditor.pak for some reason, I keep getting the 0x80004005: Unspecified Error. :(

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i really want to play this game but i can't download it.

it says that the download will start momentarily if it doesn't check your popup blocker.

i turned it off but its still not getting  downloaded.please give me some advice i really want to play the game


It probably has to do with your web browser or Windows blocking the download because of the security and safety features.


This game gave me goosebumps. Really enjoyed the game. The only thing was i could not end it. As i was going through the same hallway for 20 mins 

Chekc the guide dude thats what I had to do its in the game directory.


Game is perfect. It scared me to death when I went back in one moment :)

I am playing this game on Fedora 29 x86_64 with NVIDIA card. I am using Proton (Steam Play) to start run it:

STEAM_COMPAT_DATA_PATH=~/.proton ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/downloading/858280/proton run PT_2.exe

How can I change sensitivity of the mouse (it is too fast)?

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