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I FUCKING KNEW IT, IT WAS GOING TO BE TAKEN DOWN! Luckily I still have it downloaded


How did you knew? Because of copyright reasons?

please upload it or send it to me

Please send it to me! I've been wanting to play P.T. for two years and I just learned about this. Thank you.

man please , send it to me , i want it so bad for so long, pls bro can you upload  it and give me the link?

wanna send that my way? LOL

Mind sending that my way mate.

Hey you probably have a lot of people asking you to send them the link to download. Are you considering actually distributing it? I've been desperately searching for months. Is there a way to contact you about sharing the download?

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it's cancelled now :( 

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I can finally play PT?! Nice!

Never owned a PS4 yet.


Not anymore because apparently, "i'm going to school" means "i'm going to take down the game" as well for...some reason?

Can you pm me ?


O prazo de donwload acabou? kkkkk queria jogar kkkk

Quando vai voltar o link para baixar o Unreal PT?


So I'm going to hold off on downloading from some random source or watching any playthroughs, in the hopes that you will re up this. I never played the original and want my first experience to be in VR. I just don't think it's worth the malware risk to get it somewhere else for a demo.


Why would you take it down, just because you will not continue developing this?

You can upload more than 1 game to Itch, you know?

read, he said he's working on the game because it had bugs.


"ANNOUNCEMENT: I have taken the game down. I'm leaving the page up, but the downloads have been removed. Check the latest devlog for more info on this."

In the announcement:

"I've got school starting up again soon. With the work-load that'll give me, as well as another project I'd like to start working on, I'll have a lot of other stuff to keep me occupied. With that said, I'll be officially taking down Unreal PT next week. This has blown up far more than I expected, but now that it's finished, I would like to move on and start work on something original."

This does not explain, why it was taken down. It just says that it was.

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I thought the same, there was no rational explanation given whatsoever, could it be copyright? malware/virus claims? could it be that he got offended somehow? I have no idea. But when you make something awesome for the world and you take it down without giving a proper explanation why... it's just unusually weird.

Gave it a go...

Where's the download?


at the top he says he took it down.


Finally, an experience worth comparing to the original game! Honestly this was just as good. No matter how many times I've seen it, this game is just as eerie as the first time I've seen it four years ago. I want to thank you so much for doing such an amazing job on this legendary nightmare! I was always disappointed that I was unable to play the original on ps4 myself! It's a pleasure to play the closest thing possible.

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Really enjoyable for people that never got to play has all the animations for the fetus and everything only thing missing is the ending, the cockroach, the Lisa animation for the bathroom door, and when you find her for the second baby laugh would be cool if the animation where she goes behind you was in here and hope it gets added or someone else does it never got to play the original

there's also a part in P.T. where you can see Lisa in the first window. Would love to see that added too! Love this though.

Extremely scary and fantastic remake of the original PT.

I'm shocked this hasn't been taken down yet. Fantastic work of course and good luck if Konami comes for you!

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How do i increase the graphics settings, resolution scale etc, i cant find a way or any instructions? I tried fiddling and typing bits after pressing escape but couldnt work it out :-( . Fo the Vive VR version.

Increible es genial, nada que envidiarle al original.


Here's my let's play for the unreal PT game!  This was really cool!  Probably the closest and best PT game that's just like the ps4 demo!  Great job :D 

I played almost all the major PT recreations on my channel and this by VR trump them all, the details and the way you made it show how talented and creative you are. Hope you get a call form a team that would love to have someone as talented as you on their studio staff. 

I'm getting a Fatal error when I run the .exe

Line 3604 of ShaderCompiler.cpp is missing a global shader "FRecomputeTangentsPerVertexPassCS"

Hopefully if we can find a solution, anyone else with this issue can get around it too.

Thanks for all your work and I look forward to hopefully playing it 

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how can i install this plz, i get this prohibited download error

it because your computer doesnt recognize it. it thinks its protecting you from a unwanted virus. you can get by this usually through basically forcing it, i clicking on more info when the pop up comes up. thats what i did anyways

i never got the chance to play the demo so thank you for letting me do that and here this just popped up if you wanna check it out and again thank you 

Thanks for sharing the experience for everyone, that never have the chance to play the original game...

the game is well optimized, so if you guys have a lower specs, just give it a try.

Hi, Thanks for making this game, I made you a video

Really well done. It looks exactly the same as the original.

I would recommend, if possible, turning off the ability to use the console in game.

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i love it! can barely see diffrence sadly i lagg in vr i look at my pc screen and it doesnt lagg but ill give it sometime i know its new n stuff (specs) gtx 970 8gb ram i5 4460

Help, how can i turn down mouse speed, it is too fast and make me dizzy...

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Hey RadiusGordello are you done with this project or are you still working on it, to me the project is 95% perfect only 1 thing i would really want to see added or patched in 

when looking into the bathroom when its open a crack the mother dose not pop out for a sec the door just randomly closes could you add her there to the animation what im taking about is this 

at 7:20 in this walk through

Overall great job man must have taken forever but any chance you could add this into it or are you done with it if so im sad lol. Hopefully it can get patched in 

BTW you said and i quote "Unreal PT was under constant development over the course of 9 months, starting in April 2018 and ending in January 2019" 

well its still Jan 2019 so...... maybe you could add that in? i would even be willing to pay you for the time it takes


Yes I agree, I would also be willing to pay. Even if you only added 3 things, the most important is seeing Lisa close that bathroom door. The reason is that it is an important moment where the antagonist actually SEES the player, you  make first contact right up front in their face. This instantly puts you on edge because you know it knows you are there. This makes the next time you see Lisa way scarier and every time after that as well. If you could add the roaches, and the missing sounds like hearing her footsteps when she walks towards the bathroom when you are trapped, that would be amazing. 

Absolutely, the short glimpse is the introduction of Lisa, it creates much of the tension of the whole game. Roaches would be great (Laczowskis remake, here on too, has them) and footsteps would be great, but Lisas appearence is the most important in my opinion.

Loved it! What a game!

Thanks for the upload, it looks great. One thing though, is there no way to complete the picture near the clock? I've got almost all parts, but I remember in the PS4 there used to be a part of it in the pause menu, which in this version is missing. Great content otherwise, it's almost perfect!

Mannn I got tore up tbh with! 😂 I've never been so scared in my life playing a horror game, and I could barely get through the jumpscare! GJ on the game!

Thank you for the update and wish you the best with future projects.

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This is amazing! Thank you so much for making it! It looks and works really well

Quick question how do I connect my PS4 controller to the game? It doesnt seem to work even though I've connected it both via bluetooth and plugging it in.  I should probably say that my controller is connected through steam but even then it works on other games that I own outside of steam, if anyone can help that would be really appreciated!

The way I did it is I added it as a non-steam game and launched it through steam to get my controller to work with it

Thank You! That Worked!

Hey will you guys every be bringing this game back? If so I will get it weather it is money or free.

I have wanted to play this for YEARS! Thank you so much! I don't have the Vive, but this will be really good for a stream one night :D

Great work! VR looks great now, but in addition to some bugs mentioned earlier I can't figure out how to zoom in while in VR...? 

Just look at stuff like you normally would. The zoom check is disabled in VR

Really? I tried staring and leaning in, I'll try again. 


I really hope your not done with it so far its great but 1 thing i noticed when you look into the crack of the door when the baby is crying the mother dose not show her face or hand the door just closes

AWESOME !! Great Porting and Develop

thank you

Thanx for this Great Port!

A little Feedback on VR Mode: the Player can activate or find things only if he stand in a certain Spot within the roomscale playarea. I only was able to finish the Game after i Placed my Self were i saw that red glowing dot in the Mirror. At first i was irritated.

In the Vive the Game is very dark. For the Rift it s good a brightness Level.

I wasn t able to trigger Lisa to attack me in VR (but i guess thats intendet).

Yeah, unfortunately I had to disable the kill animation for VR because it completely screwed up the animation and camera position for the rest of the game. Again, I don't have a VR headset, so I wasn't able to test any of the VR portion myself, had to rely on what someone else told me to do everything for that, but I think the new update makes VR much more playable

I'm also an indie VR developer, and I highly recommend applying for the Oculus Start Dev program or reaching out to HTC about a Vive. Especially with this as a demo, I would think they'd send you a headset pretty quickly, so you could test and develop future projects. Good luck and great work! I look forward to whatever you decide to make next. Cheers!

is this compatible with the HTC VIVE? if so how do i start it with the vive??

If you start the game with a VR headset connected you should get a screen asking whether to start in VR mode and whether to use motion controllers

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Please uncle  Gordello

fix some bugs  i hear that you are busy right now but if you chose 

1. please add Lisa shadow when we are walking like we are Lisa or she is behind us 

2 Add Lisa's face when bathroom door pre opens and we look inside the gap

3. Voice line of the plastic bag seems a bit off

4. And please add cockroaches and waking up up animation

Otherwise it's a grate and most accurate P.T Recreation I've seen so far

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Yes! Please add these! Having Lisa appear in the door crack the first time sets the mood for the rest of P.T. I think it's the biggest thing missing right now. I hope you decide to do an update with all these notes in mind. We bow our heads to you, all mighty and humble Gordello.

P.S. I would totally donate money to see all these changes put in.

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