Announcement + Update 1.0.7 Changelog

The following few sections detail everything that has been changed with the 1.0.7 update. Skip to the very bottom if you want to see the announcement.

I initially did not intend on making any updates to this; however, there were two gameplay bugs I did not find before release, so I figured I would fix other issues as well.

I do not plan on making any sort of further updates.


  • Fixed bug causing Lisa to attack too early on the eye gouge loop
  • Fixed bug causing Lisa to appear before the first baby laugh on the last loop
  • Slightly decreased time required to look at picture pieces to pick them up
  • Slightly decreased time required to look through the cracked bathroom door on the fourth loop


  • "Performance Mode" renamed to "Disable Postprocess Effects"
    • Now completely disables film grain and chromatic aberration in addition to motion blur and depth of field
    • High Quality Screen Space Reflections no longer disabled and grayed out with this option enabled
  • Planar (real-time off-screen) reflections are now disabled for windows and the bathtub water if rendering resolution is below 50%
    • This should increase performance slightly in areas close to the windows and in the bathroom
  • The noticeable framerate drop when looking through the hole in the infinite hallway is now gone


  • Fixed bug which caused some screens to be cut off on widescreen aspect ratios
  • Added texture animation when gouging the eye in the portrait
  • Updated portrait texture in main room
  • Updated shower curtain texture to be more dirty
  • Updated texture and model of round light in the cement room to be more detailed
  • Updated sink texture to have feces
  • Updated clock texture and model
  • Updated flashlight texture and model
  • Added water spouts to showerhead
  • Corrected normal map of the toilet seat
  • Added IES profile to chandelier light (basically just a light texture)
  • Added physical animation to baby (now 1.2x scarier)
  • Made baby texture slightly darker and shinier


  • Baby is now crying in the bathroom when it first cracks open
  • Lisa is now crying during her first appearance under the chandelier
  • Door now opens after baby has stopped crying on the sixth loop (as opposed to slightly before)
  • Phone now rings only after the background music has completely stopped


NOTE: Although I have fixed these bugs, I still cannot test it myself, so I cannot guarantee a bug-free experience, especially on the Vive.

  • Added option at the beginning of the game to choose whether to start in VR (cannot be changed mid-game)
  • Added option at the beginning of the game to choose whether to use motion controllers (cannot be changed mid-game)
  • The left motion controller can now be used to control the flashlight
  • Pressing the left motion controller grip no longer screws up the in game head position or rotation
  • Disabled fish-eye distortion effect which caused nausea for some people
  • Fixed bug where the first door wouldn't open properly
  • The player model is no longer visible
  • Movement controls no longer disabled just before the last loop
    • The game should now be fully playable all the way through
  • There is now a red dot where the player's head should be located when using position tracked headsets like the Vive
  • Flashlight now does not show up until it is picked up (or turned on)


  • Baby now in the sink on the last loop
  • Updated the guide slightly for clarity
  • Fixed minor spelling error in the ending dialogue
  • Made function of cheat code at the very end more clear (Haven't seen anyone figure out how to use it yet)


I've got school starting up again soon. With the work-load that'll give me, as well as another project I'd like to start working on, I'll have a lot of other stuff to keep me occupied. With that said, I'll be officially taking down Unreal PT next week. This has blown up far more than I expected, but now that it's finished, I would like to move on and start work on something original.

Thank you all for playing!


Unreal PT 632 MB
Jan 11, 2019


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where is the dowload link? why did you took it down?


love it



"I'll be officially taking down Unreal PT next week.", "but now that it's finished". I don't get it, you just finished the game but you're taking it down before the majority of us even notice.


Is there anywhere we can get a download link



its increible



Ahhhh. I've been searching for a PT replica. Understandable that you'd want to do your own, but CRAP. I MISSED THE DOWNLOAD.

But y u remove download :(




The school thing is probably just an excuse and im assuming Konami  had something to do with it

I'm heartbroken, I was beyond thrilled when I heard of this being made. I hope you the best of luck in school, and I hope one day that you will release the game again. 

(1 edit) (+1)

Ok i understand that you've got a lot of workload/school now and you can't update the game anymore, but to take the game down completely? :/ You could just say this in the main page but leave the downloads up..

This being said, it's the 3rd time i've seen something like this happen here on (games being taken down completely without me being able to try them..) so BOY am i glad i downloaded this version in time before being taken down :D

PS: btw good luck to you're studies and i hope you make more games in the future this was awesome :)

would you happen to have a copy of the game i could have? i missed the download period

Looking for this too if anyone knows.

Sorry guys i only saw the replies now.. :P

Yeah i could upload it to googledrive or something like that if RadiusGordello (the author) is ok with it... :/

that would be great!


Someone just posted this link:

The download link in that website is still working :)

can you upload it to mediafire or something like that?

Would it also be possible for you to share a file copy with me?

damn, I'm always late to the party lol. 5 years of wanting to play the game and i can't even play a remake :'( Good luck with school though, that's way more important!

This is a damned great game, PT or not... it was a faithful recreation of something that should have had followthrough. It's sad to see it taken down and I hope you reconsider the download options, even if development and bugfixes cease.

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